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Deleted Civil War scene gives us mo’ Zemo, mo’ problems

(Image: Disney)

For the central villain of a blockbuster superhero movie, Daniel Brühl’s Helmut Zemo got relatively little screen time in Captain America: Civil War. (Directors Joe and Anthony Russo having apparently worked out that there are more interesting ways to handle the climax of a Marvel movie than showing a bunch of A-list actors grunting as they weightlessly clobber CGI.) Those with a craving for more Zemo are in luck, though, because Marvel’s just revealed a Helmut-heavy deleted scene from the film as a promotion for its September 13 DVD release.

Clocking in at just 39 seconds, it shows Zemo—not for the first time—listening to a voicemail from his family, before going to confront a man he’s about to impersonate and kill. Relatively slight, the clip serves two narrative purposes, doubling down on Zemo’s motivations, and providing some plot glue to explain how he ends up in Bucky Barnes’ cell. (It also gives Joe Russo a chance to get in a cameo of his own as the doomed Dr. Broussard.) All of which was clearly viewed as superfluous when the film was edited down to its still-hefty 147 minutes, but hey, at least it’s another chance to get a glimpse of Brühl’s surprisingly nuanced supervillain turn.


Disney has also released the full features list for the DVD. Agent Carter fans will probably want to check out the longest of the movie’s deleted scenes, an extended cut of Peggy Carter’s funeral, while a behind-the-scenes featurette will shed light on the upcoming Doctor Strange. You can find the full list of features over at Collider.

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