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Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox joins Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club

In an effort to ease Jared Leto back into the “acting zone,” the man now known primarily as the dude from 30 Seconds To Mars has been given another musician to play off of in The Dallas Buyers Club, his upcoming return to film. Deerhunter/Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox—along with just-added actors Griffin Dunne and Denis O'Hare—will make his own music-to-acting transition by joining the cast of Dallas Buyers Club as the lover of Leto’s Rayon, a cross-dressing AIDS patient and accomplice to the medication smuggling scheme orchestrated by Matthew McConaughey’s fellow AIDS-afflicted, smuggling mastermind Ron Woodroof. Cox’s character will hopefully help to humanize Leto, even when he's dressed like this and after he's traded eyeliner for eliminating his eyebrows completely in an apparent attempt to look like a “hip” Voldemort.


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