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Deerhoof announces new album, The Magic

Satomi Matsuzaki of Deerhoof (Photo: Getty Images)
Satomi Matsuzaki of Deerhoof (Photo: Getty Images)

Just in time to save us all from the forces of glossy, over-produced summer jams, “joyful cacophony” artists Deerhoof have announced that they’ll be releasing a new album this June. The Magic will be the group’s 13th studio production, and is being described by the band as a “15-song wallop” about leaving your comfort zone. They also use the enigmatic phrase, “Sometimes hair metal is the right choice,” so make of that what you will.


The band has released two singles to promote the album, which is due out on June 24. “Plastic Thrills” is all about wailing, lo-fi guitar riffs, while “Debut” is more of a funky sound collage. The Magic will be available on both CD and vinyl, but superfans can also spring for a deluxe edition of the album, which comes with a mixtape of covers recorded on what’s now become the most punk of recording media: cassette tape.

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The Magic track list:

01 The Devil And His Anarchic Surrealist Retinue
02 Kafe Mania!
03 That Ain’t No Life To Me
04 Life Is Suffering
05 Criminals Of The Dream
06 Model Behavior
07 Learning To Apologize Effectively
08 Dispossessor
09 I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire
10 Acceptance Speech
11 Patrasche Come Back
12 Debut
13 Plastic Thrills
14 Little Hollywood
15 Nurse Me

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