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Decisions are being made as though the new Ghostbusters movie will shoot next summer, really

In the first hint that Ghostbusters 3 is more than just a means to generate negatively charged mood slime that will eventually overtake the Internet, enabling a psychotic tyrant to cross over from the beyond and make a Ghostbusters movie without Bill Murray, Deadline notes that Paramount is actually making scheduling decisions based on the idea that it will actually shoot next summer. The semi-confirmation arrives almost as an afterthought in this story about the Ivan Reitman-directed, Kevin Costner-starring football film Draft Day—a project for which no one harbors any immediate ill will, yet which has been put into turnaround because of fears it will conflict with Reitman's summer 2013 schedule, which he has cleared to finally make the new Ghostbusters film he and Dan Aykroyd have long been threatening.


And that's it—no indication of whether it will still follow the plot line of having an enfeebled Ghostbusters train a new generation, or whether Reitman will commit to his recent threats to just remake it altogether. It does, however, call it a "reboot" and reiterate redundantly that it will still be "(sans Bill Murray)," so continue to draw your own conclusions.  We drew one: 

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