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Decider spreads to NYC, LA

After a break of a few months, the Decider train keeps a-rollin', this time to New York and Los Angeles, two gigantic cities on opposite sides of the country that like to talk shit about each other. But Decider is all about celebrating what's special about each of them, man, so let's skip the talk about how one has shitty Mexican food and the other is a vast cultural wasteland.

Because editor Andy Battaglia will show you where the good Mexican hides in New York, and editor Jessica Jardine will school you in all the cool things going on in LA that make it a cultural oasis. So Angelenos and New Yorkers, check the sites out. Your A.V. Club logins will work over there, too. Feel the synergy!

San Francisco and Washington D.C., you're on deck. Decider will plant its flag on your turf in less than a month, so stay tuned.


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