In continuing with our new tradition of promoting our sister sites–get used to it, people, because four more cities are coming by March!–here's a recap of the live shows we reviewed this week on the various sites:

Fall Out Boy tapes a concert for Fuse in Chicago. Complete with dancers wearing bear outfits and light-up guitars!

— Aging goths come out of the woodwork for Skinny Puppy frontman Nivek Ogre and his ohGr side project in Chicago. Former Pigface compatriot Chris Connelly opens, along with the confusing American Memory Project.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings make their Madison debut. "Since this is my first time here, I think I need to strut my stuff," Jones says. Stuff-strutting follows.

And these aren't live reviews, but entertaining reads nonetheless:

A run-down of bands with Star Wars-inspired names. There's a disturbing plethora of them coming through your town soon.

— A brief history of masked bands. Hey, GWAR still exists!

Tears of a clown: an inventory of Jeremy Enigk's most moving and most unintentionally hilarious lyrics.

An interview with They Might Be Giants. C'mon, nerds, you know you can't resist clicking through.