Hello readers of Newswire. As you probably already know, we're in the midst of launching localized sister sites—Decider.com—in many cities around this great, great nation of ours. Today, two more Deciders go live, and both are two-fers! There's Minneapolis/St. Paul, two cities populated by tall, beautiful blondes who suffer through arctic winters and hang out with Prince. Then there's Denver/Boulder, two cities so close yet so far apart. Our beloved editors there, Chris Bahn and Jason Heller respectively, have done a great job getting their sites online. You should go visit them. I'll provide links in just a second.

But first I want to point out that you have spoken, and that we have listened: You may now comment without registering on much of Decider. (You still need to register to contribute restaurant critiques, but that's only fair—don't you think?) So get on over and visit. And if you've only dabbled in the other Decider sites, I'm going to point you to some great pieces below. Links galore!

Here's the just-launched Denver/Boulder site.

Here's the just-launched Minneapolis/St. Paul site.

Here's an interview with Aziz Ansari, who's playing Chicago tonight, and who we totally dragged to Hot Doug's yesterday.

Here's what Austin thinks of a band called Barry Whitesnake.

Here's a review of a Madison show by The Gaslight Anthem, a.k.a. Koski and Kyle's favorite new band.

And how about an interview with the drummer for Parts & Labor, a Milwaukee dude?

There's so much more to see. Go check it out.