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Debra Winger joins Ashton Kutcher’s Netflix series

Debra Winger on In Treatment

Fans of the restaurant backed by dudes from That ’70s Show rejoiced recently, as it was announced Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson would be re-teaming for a new Netflix show called The Ranch. And, in keeping with the streaming service’s predilection for locking in incredibly talented people whenever they can, Deadline reports Debra Winger has joined the cast of the series, thereby upping its “actor street cred” quotient by a factor of roughly 5,000,000,000,000.

Winger dropped out of acting full-time in the ’90s to focus on raising her kids, but it seems that sending her youngest off to college has left her, as it has so many other parents, with that empty nest feeling. And joining a show dominated by Kutcher and Masterson seems like an excellent way to regain the feeling that you’re watching over some unruly kids. The Ranch will revolve around Kutcher as an ex-athlete returning to Colorado to help run the family business, with Masterson as his brother, Sam Elliott as their rancher father, and now Winger as the matriarch. The A.V. Club doesn’t want to tell Netflix how to make its shows, but we’re just saying, if the series wants to give Kutcher’s black-sheep brother a storyline similar to the one Ben Mendelsohn enjoyed on Bloodline, we’d really enjoy watching a certain climactic scene.


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