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Debra Messing says the Will & Grace revival isn’t a done deal

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

In true Beverley Leslie fashion, Will & Grace actor Leslie Jordan appears to have overstated the imminence of the revival that’s been bandied about for some time now. Jordan went so far as to say that NBC had ordered 10 episodes of the limited series, which would begin to air in July of this year. It didn’t sound all that farfetched, given that other cast members, including Eric McCormack, have also indicated they’re in talks to return. The news sent fans scurrying over to Debra Messing’s Twitter account, where the Grace Adler portrayer had to let them down gently.

Though they’re not going to reunite any time soon, the four core players have been keeping plenty busy. McCormack’s starring in Netflix’s espionage-tinged sci-fi series Travelers; Megan Mullally’s just appeared in Why Him? opposite Bryan Cranston and James Franco; Messing’s filming the Dirty Dancing remake; and Sean Hayes is executive producing the documentary The History Of Comedy.


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