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Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter Billie Lourd to play that role on Will & Grace

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The unsinkable musical movie star Debbie Reynolds won an Emmy nomination in 2000 for playing Grace’s mom, Bobbie Adler, on Will & Grace. After Reynolds’ death in 2016, the now-returned sitcom paid tribute to the actress and the character in a touching episode when Grace goes home to spend her mother’s birthday with her family.

Now the show is about to pay further tribute to the beloved star, by having her granddaughter (and Carrie Fisher’s daughter) Billie Lourd appear in an episode playing, yes, Bobbie Adler’s granddaughter. Deadline reports that Lourd’s character “Fiona is Grace Adler’s (Debra Messing) niece, the daughter of Grace’s older sister (portrayed on the show by Mary McCormack), and granddaughter of Bobbi Adler, the role played by Reynolds on the original series.” In this episode, Fiona will attempt to reconnect “with her ‘cool aunt,’ Grace.”

According to Deadline, Will & Grace co-creator/executive producer Max Mutchnick said “The episode is especially meaningful because of Billie’s relationship to the show. We’re thrilled to have Billie. And best of all—she’s really good.” That last comment is not news to anyone who watched the recent American Horror Story: 1984 premiere, where Lourd has returned to the AHS world by starring as bleached-blonde Camp Redwoods counselor Montana, who dreams of becoming a competitive aerobics master. No word on the air date of her Will & Grace episode, but it is taping next week as part of the series’ final season, which will air in 2020.

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