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Death Row plots comeback

If you're old and feeble like us, you might remember the heyday of Death Row records, a collection of scruffy youngsters who wormed their way into our collective heart with infectious ditties celebrating selling drugs, using drugs, demeaning women, gang violence and wholesale abuse of the English language.

Things over at Death Row have been pretty quiet since all its biggest artists left the label and/or died violently before they had a chance to leave but—stop us if you've heard this one before—get ready because the folks who currently own the musical haunted house that is Death Row in 2009 plan to bring back the label in a big way.

Their first plan: repackage the holy living shit out of the label's catalog yet again and crank out even more posthumous 2Pac albums (I understand he left behind several voice-mail messages that haven't been turned into songs yet). But that's not all! According to this article in billboard future plans include a graphic novel, comic books, animated webisodes (what is this, 1996?) a feature film and a video game line. The label also reportedly has unreleased solo albums from Left Eye, RBX, DJ Quik, Lady of Rage, Warren G and Danny Boy. Remember Death Row? It's back! In pog form!


It all might sound highly dubious but bear in mind that no one in Hip Hop has ever talked a big game about all their exciting new projects then failed to follow through on each and every one of them.

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