The special bond between metal dudes and their cats is well documented. But YouTube user Tyler Shelton, aka THR1LLA115, is taking Satan’s most heartwarming partnership to new levels. Tyler and his cat Bailey, better known as Death Metal Fat Cat, have teamed up to produce a Keyboard Cat for the extreme metal set.

Bailey is an exceptionally relaxed cat, so relaxed that he allows Tyler to move his two front paws (and his back paws, for the kick drum parts) to simulate drumming to death metal and deathcore bands like Abiotic, Thy Art is Murder, and Rings of Saturn. The air drumming is actually pretty accurate, and Bailey couldn’t care less; save the occasional mew of protest, most of the time he looks half asleep and very content. The bond between the two is obvious, and Tyler even stops to give Bailey a kiss on his little kitty head in the Rings Of Saturn video. It’s pretty fucking metal.

Tyler is the singer for Florida-based (aren’t they all?) death metal band Traitors, and has been doing Death Metal Fat Cat for about two years. He’s only posted seven videos in that time, but all have racked up between 70,000 and 2 million views. Death Metal Fat Cat’s Facebook page (which, be forewarned, doesn’t have much to do with the cat) is 40,000 strong, and now Tyler has taken to selling t-shirts with his chunky feline pal emblazoned across the front. Bailey still doesn’t give a shit.