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Death From Above 1979 is selling custom denim jackets on Twitter

It took 10 years and one hiatus for Death From Above 1979 to follow up its full-length debut, You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine with this year’s The Physical World. And although the musical landscape changed dramatically in that time, the band has stayed true to its sound and one of the few things that are constant in this fleeting world: Denim jackets, the most badass of style of jacket. In a partnership with Levi’s, the band produced 60 black denim jackets (the most badass color of the most badass jacket, creating a perfect storm of badassery) with the number ”79” emblazoned on the front, and the band’s logo on the back, thus saving the owner from facing the existential crisis every denim jacket owner must face: What back patch is bitchin’ enough to be placed on such a badass jacket?

As it stands, the band has yet to tweet any further information about where to purchase this jacket, merely that it is coming and that hopeful jacket owners should ”STAY TUNED.”


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