Now it can be told: The third annual A.V. Fest/Hideout Block Party combo platter, which will take place in Chicago September 5-6, 2014, will feature the following acts in a miasma of awesomeness: Death Cab For Cutie, The War On Drugs, The Dismemberment Plan, funky METERS, Mac DeMarco, The Handsome Family, Sylvan Esso, Valerie June, Bad Luck Jonathan (feat. Jon Langford), and The Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra. Another act (or two) will be announced later in June. We’ve got a little microsite going right here, too.

Go buy tickets right now. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I don’t think they’ll last all that long. Two-day passes are currently $65. Single-day tickets will go on sale this summer, but they will be quite limited. (We’ll announce which acts are playing which days this summer, too.) We’ll also have some fantastic food trucks, refreshments by Lagunitas, and lots more. It’s going to be fun, mellow, and friendly as always. We are overwhelmingly pleased that all of these excellent folks decided to be a part of our thing. And also thanks to WXRT for helping us spread the word. We look forward to seeing you September 5 and 6! (Oh, and yes, we’ll be looking for volunteers eventually—thanks to those of you who have already asked! Watch this space…)