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Dear White People’s Tessa Thompson joins the next Rocky movie

2014 has forced America to grapple with some difficult truths about our sometimes-great nation, including that, barring some grassroots social movement, there’s nothing to stop Sylvester Stallone from making Rocky movies until the sun burns out.

Sly’s latest uppercut to the dead horse that is his signature role is Creed, in which the wizened Italian Stallion becomes mentor to the grandson of rival Apollo Creed. But while this may not be the most necessary installment of Rocky Balboa’s story, it at least has a solid shot at being the best-acted. Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan has been cast the titular grandson, while Tessa Thompson has just joined the cast in an unspecified role.


With Jordan now in the underdog fighter role, and Stallone shifting over to Mickey, we can only assume Thompson is this movie’s Adrian, although it’s possible her character will be an update on Clubber Lang. We certainly pity the fool who didn’t see Thompson in Dear White People.

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