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Dear movie bad guys: Please stop robbing banks near Nicolas Cage

(Photo: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

At this point, Nicolas Cage movies fall into a few basic categories. You’ve got your occasional big-budget projects (Type One), your quirky indie things (Type Two), and then you’ve got those movies where Cage stands on a soundstage somewhere in Eastern Europe and points guns at people (Type Three). Connoisseurs of the latter category are in luck today, with Deadline reporting that Cage has signed on for 211, a new, Bulgaria-shot bank heist movie from director York Alec Shackleton. Cage will play a cop trying to stop a bank robbery, presumably through a combination of fascinating acting choices, bizarre hair, and shouting.

The actor currently has a Cage-standard ton of movies in the works; his recent projects include The Humanity Bureau (Type Two), Vengeance: A Love Story (Type Three), and the upcoming “killer parents” thriller Mom And Dad (also Three, but probably with a greater than average amount of style). Meanwhile, 211 will presumably hit DVD kiosks as soon as it possibly can.


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