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Dean Norris is looking for some sex GIFs, if you have any

Photo: Jason Merritt (Getty Images)

This piece was originally published May 23, 2018 and is part of The A.V. Club’s favorite features of 2018

Quick heads up: Breaking Bad star Dean Norris appears to be looking for some sex GIFs, if you have any. Last night, just 15 minutes before midnight, he hopped onto Twitter and sent out the following missive to his 518,000 followers:


While this could’ve just been an update on what he was working on, it’s more likely that he meant to search for sex GIFs, which is a fine and normal thing to do. Who hasn’t yearned to see cycling animated imagery of completely unspecified sexual intercourse? Now, almost half a day later, Dean Norris presumably still hasn’t seen any sex GIFs, since he posted a damn tweet about them instead of searching for them. The least you could do is help out. Norris is an absolute workhorse of an actor, a punch-in-and-punch-out Hollywood hard-ass who has appeared in everything from Total Recall to Little Miss Sunshine. He’s given us a lot over the years.

If you’ve got any sex GIFs, please send them to Dean Norris. Thanks!

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