Screenshot: Deadwood

We caught glimpses of the aged Deadwood gang in the previous teaser for its upcoming film sequel, but they’re spittin’, swearin’, and lovin’ in this new trailer, which sets us up for another showdown between millionaire George Hearst (Gerald McRaney)—now a California senator—and Gem Saloon owner Al Swearengen (Ian McShane).

Politics, it appears, will be front and center in the film, as will the town’s outsider status. “Outlier Deadwood is over,” Hearst intones to Al. “Walk with the future.” The future’s never been something Deadwood’s wanted to race toward, but it’s time for everyone, from Paula Malcomson’s Trixie to Keone Young’s Mr. Wu to Brad Dourif’s Doc Cochran—who is somehow still alive!—to stare it down. Even Timothy Olyphant’s virtuous Bullock seems ready to get his hands dirty. “My job ain’t to follow the law, Al,” he says. “My job is to interpret it.”


Come for the rich, serpentine dialogue, but stay for E.B. Farnum’s sneering return, which finds William Sanderson delivering just about the most E.B. line ever: “I am not made for such complexity.”

Deadwood rides into HBO on May 31.