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Deadpool’s dopey new sidekick has apparently been running a Twitter account for weeks

If the proliferation of shared cinematic universes has taught us anything, it’s that no superhero is an island. To beat the bad guy, you need some sidekicks. That’s even true for a lone wolf like Deadpool who, in the final trailer for his new film, introduced audiences to some members of his anti-Cable squad, X-Force. There’s Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, and… Peter. Fans may not be familiar with that last name but you can learn all about Peter (played by comedian Rob Delaney) on his very active Twitter page, which has apparently been up for weeks.


Going by the handle @PeterW_1974, the superpower-less X-Force member identifies himself as a husband and experienced beekeeper (in that order!). “I like sports and grilling on my deck. DM for info,” reads the rest of his bio. It’s unclear what “info” you’ll get through a direct message (maybe BBQ tips? Deadpool 2 screening times?) but, if you’re looking to inject a little enthusiasm and wonder into your timeline, Peter is worth a follow. Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing Rob Delaney’s grinning, mustachioed face. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

Reportedly started at his wife’s behest, Peter’s profile has all the hallmarks of a kind but inexperienced dad exploring the online landscape. There are retweets from Amazing Facts and the TSA with comments like “Whoa” and “This looks amazing!” He’s quick to warn people about swearing on his page and will occasionally heap some praise on the genius designers behind the Sketchers Shape-Up. All in all, he’s a sweet man just “looking for work in a contracting economy.”


It’s unclear if Delaney himself has any say in what goes on Peter’s account or if it’s all from the mind of some marketing intern at Marvel. But we’re happy to see a little genuine positivity in our feeds, even from a fictional goofball sidekick.

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