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Deadpool 2 stars swear their movie is very funny


Deadpool was far from the first superhero movie to put a particular emphasis on jokes, but unlike a Guardians Of The Galaxy or whatever, it did partly bill itself as a comedy. That means its sequel has to be funnier in addition to being bigger and more exciting, but newcomer Josh Brolin and returning sidekick T.J. Miller are pretty confident that Deadpool 2 will be pretty funny.

Brolin, who is playing Cable in Deadpool 2, revealed on a recent Good Morning America appearance that he doesn’t reference his Avengers: Infinity War role in the movie, but he does apparently join Ryan Reynolds in breaking the fourth wall a bit. “There’s a lot of stuff going on in Deadpool that’s very surprising and that will be very satisfying,” Brolin said, adding that he think it’s “even funnier than the first one.” He makes a point to say that it’s only his opinion, but he does claim that he laughed harder than he’s laughed in a long time while reading the script.


Miller had a similar thought, telling Screen Rant that he was laughing so hard while reading the script in a restaurant that he dropped an iPad. He also believes that it “might actually be funnier than the first one,” and in a different Screen Rant interview, he added that the movie won’t just be The Hangover Part II and try to take the easy way out by being “the same movie in a different location.” He says “some pretty tragic, dark shit” happens in the beginning of the movie, and the rest of it involves dealing with the fallout of that tragic, dark shit.

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