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Deadpool 2 has also lost its composer


A few weeks ago, Deadpool director Tim Miller dropped out of that film’s sequel over “creative differences” with star Ryan Reynolds. Now, Deadpool composer Tom Holkenborg—a.k.a. Junkie XL—has also announced that he won’t return for the sequel, explaining in a Facebook post that a Deadpool movie without Miller just “doesn’t sit right” with him:


Now, losing a composer like this doesn’t look especially good for Deadpool 2, but it’s also not as important as losing the director. The most memorable musical moments in the first one were based around licensed songs anyway, so the sequel can just do the same thing and bring in somebody to do more boring, stereotypical superhero music. Not only would that be relatively easy, but it could also be interpreted as the sort of “winking at the audience” gag that Deadpool fans love so much. It’s a win-win. As for Holkenborg, the THR story notes that he’s scoring The Dark Tower and Justice League, so he’ll be fine even without Deadpool 2.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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