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In news that surprisingly hasn’t happened already, Disney is preparing to take electronic musician Deadmau5 to court over the use of his big mouse head. Back in April, Rolling Stone reported that Deadmau5—whose name is pronounced “ded-mao-five”—tried to trademark his logo for use in “electronic equipment, entertainment services, BMX bikes,” and other things that aren’t as funny as “BMX bikes,” and now Disney has apparently filed an official opposition to that trademark. That means Disney believes Deadmau5’s trademark would infringe on their existing claim to anything and everything vaguely mouse-related, which presumably includes BMX bikes.


Mr. Mau5 and his attorney don’t seem too afraid of Disney, though, which is a first for the American legal system. Dina LaPolt, the attorney, told Rolling Stone that her client has used the “mau5head” and logo for “almost a decade,” so they’re surprised that Disney would suddenly decide it has a problem with it. We assume this has something to do with BMX bikes, but we assume that about everything. Either way, this is looking like it’ll be the biggest mouse-based legal battle since the landmark case of Tom v. Jerry brought considerable public attention to the culture of violence that was destroying our nation’s pets.

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