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Dead tuna refuses to accept death even after being sliced in half

Photo: Emmanuel Dunard/AFP/Getty Images

Even after a fish has been filleted, gutted, and had its head removed, it’s not unusual for it to continue moving—just visit a sashimi bar that serves very fresh product. Science can explain this: It has to do with neurons within the tissue, something about it maintaining membrane potential even after death, and yada yada electric charge.

But this video from Twitter user Yutaka Suzuki is incredible:


For nearly two minutes, this headless fish, which appears to be yellowtail, is hopping in its bin even after being cut in half, to the gleeful and non-freaked out giggles of the videographer capturing this horror. Sure, science can explain the twitching, but violent flopping? The only rational explanation is it’s been possessed by a demonic seafood spirit of the underwater-world, and through this halved fish it is seeking to send a message to mankind. Maybe: “Stop eating us, motherfuckers!”

The A.V. Club reached out to a fishmonger to see if there’s a chance this video was staged, and he said it looks real to him—if you cut the head and fillet it quickly enough, then yes, such extreme muscle reaction is possible.

Here’s another fish that simply won’t accept its mortal fate:

Sleep well!


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