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Illustration for article titled iDead To Me/i is iScarface/i, apparently, in this teaser for its second season
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The first season of Dead To Me, a darkly comic thriller that’s “more compelling than its adequately teased and deployed twists,” according to our own Danette Chavez, was an extremely watchable mixed bag anchored by two top-tier performances from Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. It was sharply funny at times and genuinely moving at others, and this teaser for the show’s second season promises at least the first of those things can still be expected.

The sight of Christina Applegate wielding a can of Reddi-wip and declaring she’s in Scarface, which she’s never seen, is an undeniably good thing. We’ll find out what she’s so keyed up about (besides, you know, the body floating in the pool) when the series returns to Netflix on May 8.

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