Yesterday was RoboCop Day in Detroit, as the city to embrace its slide into post-apocalyptic ruin as a rebranding strategy. As we reported, a plan to unveil that long-gestating RoboCop statue was scrapped at the last minute. But as we’ve seen time and again in RoboCop, something being scrapped is no reason not to keep it alive by whatever means necessary, in order to protect your corporate interest.

With that in mind, RoboCop Day continued under the Prime Directive of marketing synergy, with the cyborg stopping by the city’s Comerica Park to throw out the first pitch at the Tigers vs. Blue Jays game. As this was all a stunt to mark the release of the RoboCop remake on DVD Blu-ray, the RoboCop who turned up was the sleek, black tactical gear-sporting model from this year’s movie, and his pitch was similarly a limp, why-bother shadow of the real thing. With all the wanking self-promotion involved here, you can go ahead and add this to the list of pitches ruined by masturbation.