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What’s scary about Friends? Well, a lot of things, from Monica’s obsessive cleanliness to the near-complete disappearance of Ross’ son Ben in the series’ late seasons. But not until this new recut of Friends’ scenes to create a trailer for a horror film, Dead Friends, have we seen just how creepy the former Must See TV sitcom can be.

Among the scenes making the cut in the scary retelling of the typically harmless half-hour series: Ross’ threats to go “Red Ross,” Monica’s ill-fated attempt to edit messages on her boyfriend’s answering machine, and Joey and Rachel’s watching of Cujo. But it isn’t until the conclusion of the trailer that we see the true menace to the friends: the beloved turkey head from the season five Thanksgiving episode. Truly frightening, if just for how easy it would be to get salmonella poisoning.

[via Daily Motion]


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