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DC Universe's Titans gets a third season

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Against all odds, the DC Universe streaming service is not only trucking along—even as HBO Max, which is owned by the same company and will have some of the same shows, is bolstering its ranks—but is handing out a new season order to its biggest, most high-profile original show. According to Deadline, DC Universe’s Titans will be getting a third season, with its second season still on the air (or whatever you call it when new episodes are weekly coming out on a streaming service).


Speaking of, that second season seemingly pulled out the “in case of emergency break glass” storyline by bringing in Deathstroke The Terminator, the Titans’ nemesis from the Teen Titans comics that the show is loosely based on—with Esai Morales slipping on the eyepatch and showing up throughout the new season to kill as many (former) superhero sidekicks as possible. It’s hard to guess where the show can go once Deathstroke has already been introduced and (presumably) defeated, but there are decades of Teen Titans stories that don’t involve him. Surely there’s something worthwhile in there. (Has Titans adapted the Teen Titans Go! episode where Robin teaches his friends about equity? Because that’s a good one.)

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