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Ever since Doom Patrol premiered and the Titans show somehow ended up not being the absolute disaster it appeared to be in its first trailer, the DC Universe streaming service has seemed like a worryingly good offer. You get those shows and Batman: The Animated Series and Young Justice and all of those direct-to-video DC movies (at least one or two of which are pretty good)? Well, it’s going to get a bit harder to resist throwing away that $8 a month—which is, to be fair, kind of a lot—because DC has announced that its streaming service is now getting the comic book publisher “entire digital comics library” for no extra money.

Since it launched, DC Universe has offered select digital comics along with the regular streaming videos, but now it will supposedly include every comic DC has ever published in the last 80 years—with “all future DC single issues” hitting the service 12 months after publication. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that this will be an “ongoing process” and that not everything will be available at once, but it should all kick off at some point in April. It’s also worth noting that this is the same basic pitch as with the Marvel Unlimited subscription service, which includes digital versions of nearly every Marvel comic ever for one flat fee—though without the exclusive TV shows or movies that DC Universe has.


In other DC Universe news, the streaming service has announced that its Swamp Thing series will premiere on May 31, that new episodes of Young Justice will premiere on July 2, and that season two of Titans—now with Deathstroke!—coming in the fall. Finally, DC also revealed the first look at Brec Bassinger in her superhero costume from Geoff Johns’ upcoming Stargirl show. It looks, for better or worse, pretty much just how you’d expect it to look.

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