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DC Universe releases video assuring fans that Swamp Thing is fine, very slimy

Warner Bros. kicked off a spate of worries about its DC Universe streaming service earlier today, when it announced that production was being abruptly halted on the upcoming Swamp Thing series, cutting its episode order back to 10 from an original 13. This set off a whole bunch of mild panic about the fate of the service, which offers up a combination of original content—most notably Titans and the delightfully weird Doom Patrol—in addition to older films and shows based off of Superman and his various Justice League friends. Warner Bros. was forced to issue a series of reassurances to fans, confirming that the service would continue—although it’s still unclear how it’ll end up working alongside the company’s more robust streaming plans for its wider library of content.


Perhaps sensing that said reassurances weren’t quite reassuring enough, DC Universe has now just gone ahead and given you your Swamp Thing, if y’all are worried about him so much. The service released the first teaser for the Gothic horror series earlier this afternoon, and while it’s light on plot details or storytelling, it’s pretty heavy on swamps and the things what dwell in them.

Swamp Thing debuts on DC Universe on May 31—we swear.