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DC to relaunch Vertigo line with new books from Ben Blacker, Zoë Quinn, and Rob Sheridan

Image: DC Comics, Vertigo

Back in March, DC Comics announced a new series of spin-offs based on Sandman, Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed series from DC’s Vertigo imprint about the wacky adventures of the master of all dreams, but it turns out that the new Sandman books were actually foreshadowing a full-on Vertigo revival. Today, DC announced a “line-wide relaunch and rebranding” for Vertigo, with former Batman editor Mark Doyle taking over the imprint and launching seven new comics with “modern, socially relevant, high-concept, inventive stories.”

The new comics are Border Town by Eric M. Esquivel and Ramon Villalobos, Hex Wives by Ben Blacker and Mirka Andolfo, American Carnage by Bryan Hill and Leandro Fernandez, Goddess Mode by Zoë Quinn and Robbi Rodriguez, High Level by Rob Sheridan and Barnaby Bagenda, Safe Sex by Tina Horn and Mike Dowling, and Second Coming by Mark Russell and Richard Pace. Four of the seven new books will launch in the fall, with the others coming in 2019, though the DC website doesn’t say which ones will be coming in the first wave.


Vertigo editor Andy Khouri shared some more details on Twitter, noting that Doyle had asked the new Vertigo team to “think big” and come up with books that they wanted to read, “that only Vertigo can do,” and that “can’t be ignored.” You can read the pitch for all of the books at DC’s website, and you can get some more thoughts on a handful of them from posts on Twitter below.


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