Batman & Harley Quinn (Still: DC Animation)

While the larger DC film universe trundles along, fighting guys in wing suits and screaming about its various Marthas, the company’s animation branch continues to pump out new films that hearken back to its earlier, less grime-covered days. Earlier this month, we reported that head DC Animated Universe honcho Bruce Timm was writing a new Batman And Harley movie, with beloved Bats actor Kevin Conroy returning to voice Bruce Wayne, and The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch playing psychologist-turned-lovestruck supervillain Harleen Quinzel.

Now, reports that Sam Liu will direct the film, the details of which have so-far been withheld. Liu’s an old hand with DC animation, and while his work on last year’s unnecessarily sexualized take on The Killing Joke—also partially written by Timm—might give us pause, his credits also include films like All-Star Superman, Batman: Year One, and an adaptation of the classic Teen Titans story The Judas Contract, out earlier this week. Batman And Harley, meanwhile, is expected to come out on video later this summer, the better to meet all our giant-hammer wielding, Puddin’-screeching needs.