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DC Pierson of Derrick Comedy will rap about people who pre-order his upcoming novel

The publishing industry has never been more of a hellish miasma than it is now—and let’s face it, publishing has always been a hellish miasma. So it’s up to enterprising authors to find innovative new ways to get their names out there and promote their books in a climate that needs to heat up considerably just to qualify as arctic.

With that in mind, author, comedian, actor, Derrick Comedy member, and all-around good dude DC Pierson has found a novel (no pun intended) way to promote his upcoming book, Crap Kingdom: He’ll include the names of anyone who pre-orders his book (and submits proof of purchase) into raps he will perform and post on YouTube. The book doesn’t come out until March 7, 2013, but Pierson has stated this is a limited-time offer, so it’s best to act fast. It’s an opportunity to support literature while achieving artistic immortality of a sort. More information can be found on Pierson’s Tumblr account.


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