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DC exclusive: The Jokerz run wild in We Are Robin #10

If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it only makes sense that a gang of young heroes in Gotham City would be met by a gang of young villains. The police may have shut down the Robins, but the teens are pulled back into action with the rise of the sadistic Jokerz, who have been terrorizing Gotham with random acts of violence. This week’s We Are Robin #10 sees the Jokerz amping up their murderous mischief, and the former Robins can only sit around and watch for so long before they’re compelled to start kicking clown ass.

This book has undergone an intriguing transformation over the past year, and writer Lee Bermejo has built an especially captivating cast of new characters by putting them through intense trials that reveal how the superhero game isn’t for amateurs. Artist Jorge Corona has made these young heroes come to life with his expressive characterizations and dynamic action staging, and veteran colorist Patricia Mulvihill adds significant atmosphere and dimension to Corona’s work, which has only gotten sharper with each issue. We Are Robin isn’t one of the books announced as part of DC’s upcoming Rebirth initiative, but given how well this creative team works together, hopefully they’ll be sticking together for a new title in the future.

Cover by Lee Bermejo

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