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DC Comics' Lobo to ask "What if a Korn song was a person?" with his own Syfy show

Screenshot: Syfy

Swamp Thing might be deader than a mildew-covered corpse in the Louisiana sunshine, but the TV fates of DC Comic’s third-and-fourth-tier comic book superheroes continue to soldier on: Variety reports today that Syfy has just begun development on a series centered on utterly ridiculous ’90s antihero Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter who smokes cigars, calls people “bastiches,” and drives a motorcycle in space. (There’s other stuff, too, but that covers most of the interesting bits.) Said series is being brought up as a spin-off of the network’s Superman-adjacent prequel series Krypton, and hey, let’s all take a second to marinate in the idea that it’s 2019, and Krypton is somehow spawning spin-offs shows.

As played by Emmett J.Scanlan, the TV take on The Main Man will debut on tonight’s second-season premiere of Krypton, where he’ll look like, well, this:


The Lobo series is being written and produced by Krypton showrunner Cameron Walsh, who is hopefully stocking up on his supply of “edgy” fake swearing and knuckle tattoos as we speak.

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