Yesterday, David Wain tweeted a long-lost video he made in 2000 with fellow The State alumni Michael Showalter and Joe Lo Truglio, and actor and Wet Hot American Summer buddy Zak Orth. The video was made for a VH1 show called “New York Beat,” although it’s not clear that it ever aired. In it, Wain and friends decide to play a gig at Madison Square Garden, and spend an afternoon trying—literally and figuratively—to break into show business.

The bit ends up being very reminiscent of early Letterman, as they confound unsuspecting security guards and other MSG personnel with camera crew in tow. The video certainly has some slow moments, but their ultimate success is charming, and it’s a nice glimpse at a few members of the troupe in the years after The State ended its run and before they went on to success with other projects.


New York Beat from David Wain on Vimeo.