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According to Variety, David Wain and former Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon head writer A.D. Miles are teaming up for a very weird sitcom. Titled Today’s Special, it’s in development for WarnerMedia and will center around the “diverse group of characters” that work and eat at a 24-hour diner. That all sounds pretty straightforward, but the clever hook is that Today’s Special “will be shot and aired daily,” presumably giving it the opportunity to get extremely topical—or at least to shake things up on the fly, since Wain doesn’t typically do extremely topical humor (he made an ‘80s summer camp comedy in 2001, and it was great).


This is all hypothetical, though, since Today’s Special hasn’t actually been picked up as a series anywhere, but WarnerMedia has ordered one pilot and four additional episodes so it can give the project a chance to work through its weird format. It it does go to series, Variety says it could land on a regular network like TBS or WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service (though the daily format seems like it would lend itself better to normal TV than a streaming platform).

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