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David Tennant to be remade as an American in Fox's Broadchurch

Following a pattern established by Low Winter Sun (though hopefully not to the letter), both the moody British crime drama Broadchurch and its star will be translated into American versions, as David Tennant has confirmed he’ll reprise his lead role in Fox’s upcoming remake in 2014. Entertainment Weekly reports that Tennant will once again play Detective Alec Hardy, the mentally and physically ravaged divorcee charged with investigating a shocking murder in a small town where pretty much everyone has a secret and/or red herring (or, as they’re known in America, Ragin’ Cajun fishstick). Only this Alec Hardy will be an American, meaning he’ll no longer pause his investigation hourly to sing a jaunty tune about the Queen.

Broadchurch recently wrapped an acclaimed first season that had a successful U.S. run on BBC America, possibly calling into question why it’s even necessary for Fox to adapt it for American audiences—particularly seeing as having Tennant around means it will basically be the same show, albeit in a place where you can get a decent burrito. However, this version will justify its existence by having Tennant speak in a proper American accent, so U.S. viewers can now watch Broadchurch without feeling like their TV is trying to act like it’s better than them.


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