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David Spade to play the long-suffering character in a sitcom for a change

Rules Of Engagement

The moratorium on David Spade appearances in sitcoms has apparently been lifted (though nobody thought to inform us), thereby allowing the Ridiculous 6 actor to ride back into the weekly lives of CBS viewers as part of The Kicker. The series, from Tina Fey and her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt co-creator Robert Carlock, will center on Daryl Thorkelson, the titular kicker who, after he’s cut from his football team, decides to take it out on anyone unlucky enough to encounter him, including his friends and family.

Spade, who smarmed up the CBS lineup for six years on Rules Of Engagement, will play Russ Thorkelson, a sports agent who once called his brother one of his clients. And in a bit of role reversal, Spade’s character will be the long-suffering one, because apparently Daryl’s always been a loose cannon and/or jerk, and Russ has had to make excuses for him or otherwise “agent” the situation, because he “loves his brother more than anything for giving him a career opportunity in the sports world.” Enlisteds Geoff Stults has been cast as Daryl, and will soon find himself good-naturedly laughing off everyone’s references to the “family resemblance.”


[via Deadline]

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