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If audiences start laughing at David Spade in his upcoming role in the low-budget independent film Warning Shot, something will have gone terribly wrong. Deadline reports that the Saturday Night Live alum has signed on for a dramatic role in the film—directed by newcomer Dustin Fairbanks from a Nicholl quarterfinalist script by Breanne Mattson—about a mother and daughter who stumble upon financial salvation in the form of an inherited farmhouse. Spade will play the weaselly business rival who sends hired guns to forcefully obtain the farm’s water rights, sparking a tense and potentially deadly standoff. It’s unknown whether Spade will get to be the one firing the all-important warning shot, but he will get to act alongside Bruce Dern, James Earl Jones, and Frank Whaley.

Back in February, Spade treated Jimmy Kimmel Live viewers to a taste of his dramatic chops when unveiled the trailer for his totally-not-make-believe tearjerker Bleak:

Chances are slightly higher that people will find things to laugh at in The Do-Over, the Netflix original action comedy co-starring Spade that begins streaming tomorrow.


[via Deadline]

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