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David Simon wrote a Broadway musical about The Pogues

(Photo: Brian Rasic/Getty ImageS)

The Wires David Simon is staying busy at the moment, with his latest HBO project—the porn-focused James Franco series The Deuce—making its way toward broadcast later this fall. But Simon’s docket isn’t so full that he can’t add a few more projects to his plate. Like, say, writing a Broadway musical based on the lives and music of Celtic punk rockers The Pogues.

That’s per The Belfast Telegraph, which reports that former Pogues frontman Spider Stacy—who worked with Simon on a few episodes of his New Orleans-obsessed TV series Treme—has announced that Simon is finishing up work on the project’s script. Stacy noted that the script has been redrafted a number of times, and said of working with Simon, “It’s a bit intimidating. This is the guy who created The Wire and kind of knows what he’s talking about.” (That level of intellectual timidity is a little surprising, coming from a guy who made his bones smashing himself in the head with a beer tray, but intimidation can apparently come in many forms.)


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