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David Simon and The Wire cast to reunite at PaleyFest

While The Wire fans will already have the reunion they’ve dreamed of when Idris Elba and Dominic West get back in the game of being cartoon fish, the Paley Center has an idea for a more Dickensian take involving real people, like the kind Dickens wrote about. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, PaleyFest NY will host an Oct. 16 Wire reunion with creator David Simon and various cast members, including Wendell Pierce (Bunk), Sonja Sohn (Kima), Seth Gilliam (Carver), Jim True-Frost (Prez), John Doman (Rawls), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (D’Angelo), and Jamie Hector (Marlo). Meanwhile, Dominic West will appear in a special video intro—presumably one where he answers the question of what the fuck did he do instead of attending.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Oct. 7, for the discussion that will cover their experiences with making the show, as well as “key issues that the show brought to the cultural surface,” and how fortunate we are that none of them are an issue any longer. And then it’s down to the pub to get shitty and listen to The Pogues.


UPDATED: No doubt spurred to action by a thousand “Isn’t Omar comin’?” jokes, the Paley Center just tweeted that Michael Kenneth Williams has joined the panel. So, yes. Omar comin’.

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