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David Sedaris gets his first film adaptation

Given his immense popularity with just about everyone, it’s a little surprising that the first film adaptation of one of David Sedaris’ works is only now headed to the screen. (But then, Sedaris’ autobiographical tales often work better when read together in one sitting—and in Sedaris’ own voice—so we suppose it’s not that surprising.) Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez is said to be leading the charge with his adaptation of Sedaris’ short story “C.O.G.” from 1997’s Naked, one of Sedaris’ many “odd job” tales about the time he worked with a fanatical Christian, who described himself as a “Child Of God,” on cutting stones into clocks that were also in the shape of Oregon and selling them at craft fairs. Alvarez’s only previous credit is last year’s mostly well-received indie Easier With Practice, which was based on a similarly autobiographical GQ article; he will once again write the screenplay himself.


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