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Forever doomed to suffer the floppy-haired, mopey-eyed Curse Of Ross, laid on him by the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ch’and-lar lo so many years ago—“Could you be any more cursed?” the desiccated ruler reportedly demanded, before trailing off into a choking laugh as dry as a thousand tombs—David Schwimmer has fled across the ocean, traveling to the U.K. to star in a new sitcom with Love Actually and Psychobitches actress Julia Davis. Set to appear on Channel 4, Morning Has Broken stars Davis and Nick Mohammed, who also wrote the series together, as the cast and crew of a morning talk show program. Schwimmer will appear as a U.S.-born TV producer who’s come to England to work on the show, possibly to avoid pursuit by the hateful whispers of a million agonized damned, as well as persistent accusations that “Ross is not cool.

Schwimmer has actually worked in the U.K. several times over the last few years, presumably as part of a concerted effort to keep his terrible, wet-haired fate at bay. Since Friends ended, he’s split his time between directing work—including the Simon Pegg vehicle Run, Fatboy, Run—and acting, both voice and otherwise. His most recent gig was as Robert Kardashian in FX’s American Crime Story, currently filming, in what may or may not be part of a cunning gambit to fool the curse and pass it to someone else.


[via BBC.com]