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Schitt’s Creek, the CBC and Pop TV comedy that’s persevered thanks to its devoted and vocal audience, has been renewed for its sixth and final season, Variety reports. In a statement, co-creators Dan and Eugene Levy assert that it was their decision to end the series at what many might describe as its creative peak.

“We are so grateful to have been given the time and creative freedom to tell this story in its totality, concluding with a final chapter that we had envisioned from the very beginning,” the Levys wrote. “It’s not lost on us what a rare privilege it is in this industry to get to decide when your show should take its final bow.”


The sixth season’s 14 episodes will premiere in 2020, with shooting to commence in a few weeks. Though we haven’t followed the show as closely as we’d have liked, our initial review praised the first season for its “instant commitment to its own tone of sophisticated ignorance.”

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