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David S. Pumpkins is in every horror movie now—any questions?

David S. Pumpkins (Screenshot: Twitter)

Viewers of the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live—as well as anyone who’s been on the internet this week—are by now very familiar with David S. Pumpkins. The jack-o’-lantern-suit-wearing, perpetually grinning Pumpkins (played by Tom Hanks), appeared as part of the show’s “Haunted Elevator” sketch, popping up with his two B-boy skeleton sidekicks to create the greatest terror of all: confusion.


Obviously, a character like this couldn’t possibly be contained to a single, four-and-a-half-minute sketch—even if he does occupy 73 out of the “100 Floors Of Frights” there. He’s become an unshakable part of our culture, and now BuzzFeed contributor Jesse McLaren has loosed him upon the entire history of horror cinema. In a new video shared by McLaren, Pumpkins cameos in a series of classic scary movies, including The Shining, Halloween, Insidious, The Ring, Scream, and The Grudge. From the ominous Overlook Hotel to the sleepy little hamlet of Haddonfield, Illinois, there is nowhere David Pumpkins cannot turn up.

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