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David S. Pumpkins Halloween costumes are going fast: any questions?

(Screenshot: Saturday Night Live/YouTube)

This weekend, thanks to Saturday Night Live, a special fellow named David S. Pumpkins entered our lives. He popped up during a sketch as an inexplicable part of a theme park attraction, and, as portrayed by Tom Hanks, he quickly became as beloved as he is bizarre. Naturally, David S. Pumpkins’ new devotees want to dress up as him for Halloween. And who can blame them? A suit covered in pumpkins is an easy enough costume, and after that all that’s required is a perm, a little white hair dye, and two enthusiastic skeletons who know how to groove.

However, now it seems there’s a run on David S. Pumpkins and David S. Pumpkins-esque costumes. Spirit Halloween’s Adult Pumpkin Party Suit, which is a dead ringer for what Hanks wore in the sketch, is currently sold out. Meanwhile, a similar get-up at Amazon Prime is also unavailable. While we can’t say for sure David caused this depletion, it seems very likely. If you hurry, it appears you can can obtain some duds resembling David’s from Oriental Trading Company, but the pumpkins aren’t quite right. And can you truly honor David S. Pumpkins if you have inaccurate gourds?


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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