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David S. Goyer would also like to do another Green Lantern movie

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Warner Bros. president Kevin Tsujihara recently told the New York Times that a new DC Comics “film series will be announced in the near future”—a series that’s expected to include Justice League, a movie that promises to bring an end to what already feels like years of place-setting. And if David S. Goyer has his way, as he has on so many comic-book movies before, that place-setting could include another Green Lantern film. It’s something Goyer tells Collider he’d “love to do,” just in case anyone was wondering.


Of course, other than adhering to the rules established by their original writers, there’s a lot of DC comic-book things Goyer would love to do, including working on the scripts for the next Man Of Steel and the Sandman movie, as well as developing the Constantine TV series. So right now, any talk of doing a new Green Lantern movie is primarily that—and heard in context, Goyer really only brought up Green Lantern in relation to how he’s drawn to the same science-fiction elements that interested him in Superman. It’s like when you interrupt your friends’ recounting of their European vacation by telling them how much you’d love to move to France someday. Except, unlike you, Goyer is probably going to do it. I mean, shut up. You’re not moving to fucking France.

And after all, Green Lantern is a crucial member of Justice League (The dude really likes clubs!), so it’s inevitable the character will be back on the big screen again someday soon—whether he’s introduced there or in a standalone movie beforehand—even if we already know Ryan Reynolds definitely doesn’t want to do it. And if anyone in the Warner-DC Corps currently has the power to point his finger and will something into being, it’s David S. Goyer.

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