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David S. Goyer will also write that Godzilla reboot

Nary a genre story gets told these days without first passing through David S. Goyer, whose essence is no doubt being distilled into some sort of artificial intelligence program so that superhero and sci-fi films can continue to be made long after he’s dead. In the meantime, the soon-to-be-obsolete flesh-and-blood Goyer will use his meat-brain and skin-mitts to hammer out a rewrite on that upcoming Godzilla reboot for Legendary Pictures, which is still under the direction of Monsters’ Gareth Edwards. Goyer’s participation in the project makes sense—not only because Goyer’s name on a sci-fi script officially tethers it to this existential plane, apparently, but because the Godzilla reboot has been described as an origin story with “a Batman Begins approach,” and Goyer helped write that. We’ll leave the suggestion of gritty Godzilla training montages to your imagination.

In the meantime, as is tradition with all Godzilla-related articles, here is Puff Daddy’s “Come With Me” video. You know, it's sort of growing on us. It's like, is Puffy rapping about how he's not afraid of Godzilla even though he destroyed his sweet penthouse with a bus, and that defiance is ultimately what makes Godzilla respect him? Or is he rapping from the perspective of Godzilla, and thus Godzilla recognizes a kindred soul who also knows what it's like to be a bad boy, one who's always hated on simply for being huge and unstoppable? Let's watch it again.

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