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David S. Goyer is adapting Peter Straub’s Shadowland for NBC

Perhaps recognizing that his career has been mostly defined by comic books and superheroes, David S. Goyer has decided that his next project will be something that he’s never tackled before: Adapting a regular book. According to Deadline, Goyer is co-writing the project with Jack Thorne, who is also currently working with him on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman adaptation. The book they’ll be turning into a TV show is Peter Straub’s Shadowland, which is about two boys who spend a summer with a magician who, according to Deadline, “may actually be a sorcerer.” The report describes the book as a “dark fantasy,” so we’re going to assume that he’s not really a sorcerer and everything in the world is exactly how it seems. NBC has picked up the project, and is currently intending to air it as an event series—which is a lot like a miniseries but rebranded to sound more exciting to today’s easily distracted TV viewers. Once he wraps up Shadowland, Goyer will presumably go back to putting his name on every superhero movie that he possibly can. Well, any that don’t involve Martian Manhunter, the character that he says only virgins have ever heard of, or She-Hulk, the “giant green porn star.”

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