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According to a bunch of people on Twitter, earlier this week Quentin Tarantino told Vulture that It Follows was one of the worst movies of the year. Of course, what he actually said was, “It’s one of those movies that’s so good you get mad at it for not being great,” explaining that he thought director and writer David Robert Mitchell played a little too loose with the mythology of the monster in his film. The It Follows fanbase has become quite loyal—possibly as a result of clever, scary horror films being few and far between these days—so it’s no surprise that they took umbrage to Tarantino’s remarks.

The internet may have been hoping for some Katy Perry-Taylor Swift style bad blood for the Alamo Drafthouse crowd, but Mitchell has responded to Tarantino’s critique with good humor:


Anyone who actually read the Vulture interview knows that Tarantino called It Follows “the best premise I’ve seen in horror in a long, long, long time.” (While Mitchell’s horror tale drew many visual comparisons to Halloween, we think the concept sits right next to Nightmare On Elm Street as being brilliantly scary.) The Hateful Eight director has also followed up his statements on It Follows, explaining his issue was that the “bad guys” change from scene to scene, as well as the fact that the audience must ignore that the gorgeously handsome geeky boy is in fact gorgeously handsome. Perhaps one more draft of the screenplay would have tightened things up?

Of course, these are small things that only a guy like Tarantino would pick out, and his take comes from being both a filmmaker and a horror fan. Judging by his tweets, Mitchell seems to appreciate that as well, and just seems to dig the fact that a big name like Tarantino even noticed his movie.

[h/t /Film]


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